Job Well Done!!


I did not get shipping information yesterday.  I received the hot tub yesterday.  That is four (4) business days from the day I placed my order.  Amazing!

The hot tubs we are replacing are not hot tubs from Clearwater.  They are beginning to reach their end of life.  We replaced two hot tubs last year with Hot Tubs from Clearwater.  Those hot tubs work great and we are very pleased.

We are beginning our busy season and our guests expect  a “working” hot tub when they arrive.  When one of the hot tubs went out last week I looked to Clearwater again and since Shannon handled my orders last year I sent her an email.  Shannon was on vacation but she was still checking her work email and responded that Liz would help me.

I spoke to Liz about the delivery and that I needed the hot tub to ship as soon as possible.  Liz made a phone call and called me back.  It was good news and I expected to receive shipping information yesterday or today.

I didn’t think companies delivered customer service like this anymore.   Thank you for having a company that does listen to customers and has employees like Shannon, who works while on vacation, and Liz who took my phone call then acted on my small but important dilemma.

Like I said, I did not get the shipping information yesterday, I got the hot tub.  Amazing!  Thank you Eric.

Shane O.Newland, NC
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