Customer Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority

Please take a moment to read what our clients have to say about us.

We love our spa from Clearwater. Best prices. On time delivery, and great product. We will never live again with out our spa. Thank you Clearwater!!!

Bret M.Safford, AZ

Bought a spa and received it in good shape. Received a thank you note from your company with a “God Bless” and wanted you to know that I appreciate that.

God Bless you and your business in 2018.

Dennis E.Bayfield, CO

Very helpful sales people. I had a problem with the cover which was damaged in shipping and it was replaced in a timely manner. I have nothing but good things to say about the company.

Robert K.Oxford, MS

I can’t say enough good things about this company! During my first call to them, the owner, Eric, spent 40 minutes on the phone with me. I was debating between 2 different spas and had many questions. He ran down to the warehouse to look at something for me and went seriously above and beyond. I financed with them, and there was a mixup…and they contacted me to make sure everything was cleared up. Our spa was shipped over a week sooner than was anticipated…and arrived in great condition today! We filled it and there were some bubbles coming out of the intake area…I was concerned. So again, I called, someone answered…and I was immediately put at ease as someone with knowledge gave me info! We could have bought this spa from a dozen different places…what gives me peace of mind is that I know I can call and get support from people that truly seem to care…and I can’t wait to get into our new hot tub tomorrow!!! <3 Hugs from a Northern suburb of Chicago!!

Jennifer J.Waukegan, IL

Purchasing was very easy and your staff was excellent and answered all our questions promptly and professionally.

Georgeann C.Lawrenceville, NJ

The ordering process went smoothly. My spa was delivered in a reasonable time frame. It was fairly easy to set up,fill and begin to enjoy. I contacted customer service twice and the people were very nice and helpful.

Alan B.Framingham, MA

Very easy purchasing experience. Getting it shipped was delayed but the communication was good and they let me know that orders were backed up.

David G.Lake Tapps, WA

Very Easy. Called and asked a few questions. Ordered online in 10 minutes. Customer service people were very helpful when I called with questions before and after I placed my order.

Mary H.Salisbury, NC

So simple. Kept me informed of each step that was happening and when I could expect a call from the shipping company. The shipping company was easy to work with. I had a problem with the steps I ordered. The quality was very poor, I went on the site to see where I could write an email, and the chat came up. I mentioned my issue. With having emailed this person pics of steps, before I knew it I had new steps mailed to me. Also, what blew me away was receiving a really high quality hand-written Thank You card for choosing your company to buy my spa from. You have no idea what that meant to me!…and they ended it with God Bless! I loved that! Thank you so much. Attention to details goes a very long way!

Leann R., North Stonington, CT

Attention to Detail Goes a Very Long Way!

Everything went smooth. Got my tub on time. Problem with the cover and they fixed it.

Roy B., Roseburg, OR

Everything Went Smooth

Nice! Nice! Nice! Good comeback on all my questions, quick & easy! Delivery was great!

Bruce G.Saylorsburg, PA

This has been a great purchase experience, the customer service reps are very helpful.

Christopher C.Heathsville, VA

We purchased a spa from Clearwater and are very pleased with our spa. We did purchase an extended warranty and feel good about it.

Kay M.Bumpass, VA

Great communication after the purchase!

Jeff L.Eau Claire, WI

I just wanted to say that my family LOVES our new AR600, and we couldn’t be happier with the spa and the service we have received. It was so nice to be able to contact ya’ll directly when I had a question about the order and delivery process, and while our spa was very easy to set up and has been great…I have confidence in that if I ever had an issue or concern, your friendly and helpful staff would assist me. I very much enjoyed the personal touches along the way, front the confirmation calls to the lovely note I received after purchase. Thank you so much for raising the bar of customer service, and for providing such a wonderful product at a great price. I will be enthusiastically recommending you to everyone who loves our spa!

Laura T.Pollock, LA

Service was great. People were friendly. I was shocked to get a Thank you note for the purchase – great personal touch!

Lori T.Cincinnati, OH

Made very easy online, but to have a customer representative call me back was awesome! Made me feel like they appreciated me buying it from them and Shannon was very knowledgeable about the tub with the questions I did have about it. Being the first time I’ve ever owned a hot tub would, I would recommend them to anyone. Keep up the great work Clearwater!

Robert W.Franklin, WI


I did not get shipping information yesterday.  I received the hot tub yesterday.  That is four (4) business days from the day I placed my order.  Amazing!

The hot tubs we are replacing are not hot tubs from Clearwater.  They are beginning to reach their end of life.  We replaced two hot tubs last year with Hot Tubs from Clearwater.  Those hot tubs work great and we are very pleased.

We are beginning our busy season and our guests expect  a “working” hot tub when they arrive.  When one of the hot tubs went out last week I looked to Clearwater again and since Shannon handled my orders last year I sent her an email.  Shannon was on vacation but she was still checking her work email and responded that Liz would help me.

I spoke to Liz about the delivery and that I needed the hot tub to ship as soon as possible.  Liz made a phone call and called me back.  It was good news and I expected to receive shipping information yesterday or today.

I didn’t think companies delivered customer service like this anymore.   Thank you for having a company that does listen to customers and has employees like Shannon, who works while on vacation, and Liz who took my phone call then acted on my small but important dilemma.

Like I said, I did not get the shipping information yesterday, I got the hot tub.  Amazing!  Thank you Eric.

Shane O.Newland, NC

Purchasing experience was very good. Good communication by phone and email with People Like Clearwater Pool & Spa. I emailed several times after receiving the spa with questions and always got a prompt reply. Thanks!

Jason G.Herndon, VA

Absolutely superb. Excellent online ordering service, prompt email confirmation of order and delivery date intentions. Spa was delivered weeks early, and delivery was very well coordinated!

Robert B.Arlington, VA