People That Truly Seem to Care

I can’t say enough good things about this company! During my first call to them, the owner, Eric, spent 40 minutes on the phone with me. I was debating between 2 different spas and had many questions. He ran down to the warehouse to look at something for me and went seriously above and beyond. I financed with them, and there was a mixup…and they contacted me to make sure everything was cleared up. Our spa was shipped over a week sooner than was anticipated…and arrived in great condition today! We filled it and there were some bubbles coming out of the intake area…I was concerned. So again, I called, someone answered…and I was immediately put at ease as someone with knowledge gave me info! We could have bought this spa from a dozen different places…what gives me peace of mind is that I know I can call and get support from people that truly seem to care…and I can’t wait to get into our new hot tub tomorrow!!! <3 Hugs from a Northern suburb of Chicago!!
Jennifer J.Waukegan, IL
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